敝科楊松昇主治醫師於日本東京 Sasaki 教授實驗室進修博士學位,有機會參加新科諾貝爾化學獎得主 Agre 教授的演講 。科學的發現與知識的學習,對吾輩來說,應該比政治來的有趣吧?


Yesterday, I attended the Aquaporin Symposium in our school for celebrating that Dr. Peter Agre , the finder of aquaporin (AQP) 1, got the honor of Norbel Prize in Chemistry, 2003. My boss, Professor SASAKI is the organizer of this symposium. All of the speakers are the most excellent scholars in the AQP’s field in the world now. I learned much about the discovery, function, structure and diseases of AQP’s from this symposium. Many of the papers cited by the speakers’ slides were published in the Nature, Science or Cell etc from the speaker’s-own team. What a terrible knowledge they posse.

After finishing the symposium, I also attended the greeting party fro Dr. Peter Agre and his families. The Ministry of Education and Science of Japan also attended this party. In the ending, all of our collogues in Japan, SASAKI’s team, took photos with Dr. Peter Agre and his families. It is a great experience in learning.